By masks, I mean individual facets of personality or history which are taken as defining of me in one way or another.  Sometimes I deliberately wear a 'mask' to protect myself or to protect others.  Sometimes people take a mask that I am wearing at one time because it is the primary appropriate way of being seen at that time, to define all of me.

I classify my masks in two categories:

A "Past mask", however, is still a mask that can be actively worn; saying "I was x" or "I have y" is just as much of a mask as saying "I currently do z".

There are also some hidden masks; these are masks that I don't feel comfortable sharing on the web.

Current Masks:

Accomplishment Masks:

Past Masks:

(note.  When an office or activity is indicated, these are -past- offices and activities.  I no longer hold offices or positions, or perform activities, that are listed under this section.  However, they do indicate the ability to slip myself into a mindset of these activities, and to put on a 'seeming' of currency related to these activities when appropriate.)

Who are you, alone, yourself and nameless?

-J.R.R. Tolkien

I would know myself in all of my parts.

-Victor Anderson

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